Tetraploids are marked Tet.

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Lady Vanessa Laugh Out Loud Lavender Fair Lemon Blush Lemon Mousse
Lady Vanessa Sold Out (Hollingworth 86) Ruffled! S. & styles light wine-red; Falls med red-violet. White signals
Laugh Out Loud $6.00 (Hollingworth 07) Ruffled deep yellow bitone, vigorous
Lavender Fair $6.00 (Hollingworth 00) Tet. 30". Stds and styles light lavender, falls medium lavender with large ivory signal; ruffled
Lemon Blush $8.00 (Hollingworth 08) Yellow bitone with good flowering and clump habits
Lemon Mousse $10.00 (Hollingworth 12) Lemon buds open lemon yellow changing to white by mid day


Life Is Good Light Of Heart Magnum Bordeaux Maura Mesa Pearl  
Life Is Good $16.00 (Cole 08) 30" E Tet. Ruffled dark lavender, white starburst signal; standards lighter lavender
Light of Heart $8.00 (Hollingworth 07) Red violet with very light contrasting standards
Magnum Bordeaux $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) BIG, ruffled velvety red-wine-purple. Very wide, ruffled styles
Maura $8.00 (Hollingworth 18) 3F. A child of Swans In Flight and similarly has big, classically formed flowers of light lavender.
Mesa Pearl $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 94) Late. Pale lavender with near white edges. F. have a few darker veins in center and overall pearl sheen. Flat form


Miss Apple Mission Bay Moonlight Fair Neptunes Gold Nothing But The Blues
Miss Apple $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Cinnamon red color breakthrough - unusual
Mission Bay $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Large ruffled and fancy pale blue
Moonlight Fair Sold Out (Hollingworth 11) Tet. Yellow fading to ivory cream with intense yellow flower center.
Neptunes Gold $10.00 (Hollingworth 14) 3F. 30" M Medium blue with large gold signal and gold edg
Nothing But The Blues $6.00 (Hollingworth 08) Shades of med to dark blue with lighter large broad styles


Off She Goes Old Vine Zin Pas De Deux Petalicious Petite Purple
Off She Goes $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 98) 26" EM Falls lavender, standards light lavender, pearl white styles
Old Vine Zin Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 13) 34" L Full deep violet, wide standards and styles
Pas De Deux Sold Out (Hollingworth 88) S. white; F. lt yellow
Petalicious $14.00 (Hollingworth 18) Multipetal. Relatively petite light blue flowers have a tight, well-ordered structure.
Petite Purple $6.00 (Hollingworth 12) Compact, short dark purple with white eyelash signal, red purple styles


Pixie Preview Pure Flattery Purring Tiger Rambunctious Rigamarole
Pixie Preview $8.00 (Hollingworth 03) Short plant with ruffled mid blue flowers having small white signals
Pure Flattery $25.00 (Hollingworth 2020) 6 falls, no standards; light lavender pearl with white signal veined yellow-green
Purring Tiger $20.00 (Schafer/Sacks 15) 24" M Yellow falls with violet veins; standards blue violet; styles red violet
Rambunctious Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 01) 9-12 petals. Medium blue. 3 falls with 6+ standards and3 styles
Rigamarole $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) 20+ petals of lavender pearl. 4" wide blossoms.


Riverdance Roaring Jelly Rosy Bows Ruby Riches Ruffles And Flourishes
Riverdance $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 97) Dark blue with white halo, stipples and wire rims. Dancing flared form
Roaring Jelly $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 92) Raspberry jam spread over  red-grape jelly! Effect is dappled red-purple
Rosy Bows $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) Rose ruffles w/ white signal and light blue halo. Bright garden color
Ruby Riches Sold Out (Hollingworth 21) Tet 30" M Falls marron red with yellow blaze signal;  standards red-violet
Ruffles And Flourishes $6.00 (Hollingworth 02) Tet. Ruffled red-violet with blue halo and white wire rim on falls


Sapphire Starburst See Ya Later Shall We Dance Shebang Ships Are Sailing
Sapphire Starburst $35.00 (Hollingworth 21) 36" M-L Tet Falls light with blue stippled edge; standards blue; 2-3 branches; high bud count, long bloom season. Very bright
See Ya Later $6.00 (Hollingworth 06) Wine red self with a gold signal. Repeat blooms.
Shall We Dance $8.00 (Hollingworth 92) Tet. L. S. & styles lt blue; F. med blue w/ darker center veins
Shebang $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 99) 12-18 rose-violet petals. 6 Falls darker, 6-9 standards and petaloids lighter rose
Ships Are Sailing Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 98) Billowy ruffles of blue-violet falls with light blue rims and white stitched signal; light blue stds. & styles. Thar she goes!


Simon Says Simply Brilliant Simply Delightful Smiley Face Somebody Loves Me
Simon Says Sold Out (Hollingworth 07) Tet. Full formed ruffled blue-purple with white wire edge
Simply Brilliant $10.00 (Hollingworth 17) 31" E-M Falls are yellow overlaid with a broad band of lavender, giving a orange and copper effect. Large bright yellow signal area
Simply Delightful $6.00 (Wendel 14) 3F. 30" M Tailored medium blue, darker toward center
Smiley Face $10.00 (Hollingworth 04) Deep gold yellow with light standards
Somebody Loves Me $8.00 (Hollingworth 98) Tet. Medium blue with half the fall filled with the white signal


Spindazzle Sprinkles Step Lightly Swans In Flight Thats My Baby      
Spindazzle $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 01) Dark velvety rose with blue halo. Wide pearl-rose styles have a petal-like keel, making flower look like it has 6standards. A new spin
Sprinkles $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 94) Late. Lavender ground evenly sprinkled violet-lavender, except at pale rims
Step Lightly $14.00 (Schafer/Sacks 17) 28" M Pastel peach falls, standards pale cream, styles are white with yellow crests
Swans In Flight $10.00 (Hollingworth 06) Very large white self makes a very attractive clump
Thats My Baby $12.00 (Hollingworth 95) 22". Dk red-violet


Thirty Fathoms Trim The Velvet Trip To Paris Tumble Bug Tutu Blue
Thirty Fathoms $6.00 (Copeland, James 16) Late purple-rimmed blue with turquoise styles
Trim The Velvet $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 95) Tall. Blue-purple with white wire-rims. Wide, ruffled form
Trip To Paris $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Large flower and plant. Ruffled soft yellow
Tumble Bug $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) 12 petals of dark rose-wine with white sun-burst halo around yellow signals
Tutu Blue $12.00 (Hollingworth 16) Early to midseason ruffled and floriferous clear mid blue, white and gold signal area


Unbuttoned Zippers Uncorked Uzushio Veins Of Gold Whats On Second
Unbuttoned Zippers $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 11) 23" M Falls are violet overlaid on yellow, standards pale violet
Uncorked Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 01) Light blue standards, yellow falls overlaid with lavender toward edges
Uzushio $6.00 (Shidara 00) 12-18+ light blue-violet petals with small white blaze signal. Hose-in-hose genetics
Veins Of Gold $10.00 (Hollingworth 03) Yellow with darker gold centers and veins
Whats On Second $6.00 (Hollingworth 17) 31" VE White with strong yellow signal; thin foliage; parents involve I. typhifolia.


Wish Me Luck Yankee Ingenuity Yellowtail    
Wish Me Luck Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 16) Ruffled gold yellow, standards lighter; flat form
Yankee Ingenuity $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 08) Lovely medium blue self, white blaze and lighter styles
Yellowtail $6.00 (Jim Copeland 06) Ruffled yellow with near white standards and styles; very flat form


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