Tetraploids are marked Tet.

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Lady Vanessa Laugh Out Loud Lavender Fair Lemon Blush Lemon Mousse
Lady Vanessa Sold Out (Hollingworth 86) Ruffled! S. & styles light wine-red; Falls med red-violet. White signals
Laugh Out Loud $6.00 (Hollingworth 07) Ruffled deep yellow bitone, vigorous
Lavender Fair $6.00 (Hollingworth 00) Tet. 30". Stds and styles light lavender, falls medium lavender with large ivory signal; ruffled
Lemon Blush $8.00 (Hollingworth 08) Yellow bitone with good flowering and clump habits
Lemon Mousse $10.00 (Hollingworth 12) Lemon buds open lemon yellow changing to white by mid day


Life Is Good Light Of Heart Magnum Bordeaux Maura Mesa Pearl  
Life Is Good $16.00 (Cole 08) 30" E Tet. Ruffled dark lavender, white starburst signal; standards lighter lavender
Light of Heart Sold Out  (Hollingworth 07) Red violet with very light contrasting standards
Magnum Bordeaux Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 00) BIG, ruffled velvety red-wine-purple. Very wide, ruffled styles
Maura $8.00 (Hollingworth 18) 3F. A child of Swans In Flight and similarly has big, classically formed flowers of light lavender.
Mesa Pearl $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 94) Late. Pale lavender with near white edges. F. have a few darker veins in center and overall pearl sheen. Flat form


Miss Apple Mission Bay Moonlight Fair Neptunes Gold Nothing But The Blues
Miss Apple $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Cinnamon red color breakthrough - unusual
Mission Bay $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Large ruffled and fancy pale blue
Moonlight Fair Sold Out (Hollingworth 11) Tet. Yellow fading to ivory cream with intense yellow flower center.
Neptunes Gold Sold Out (Hollingworth 14) 3F. 30" M Medium blue with large gold signal and gold edg
Nothing But The Blues $6.00 (Hollingworth 08) Shades of med to dark blue with lighter large broad styles


Off She Goes Old Vine Zin Pas De Deux Petalicious Petite Purple
Off She Goes Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 98) 26" EM Falls lavender, standards light lavender, pearl white styles
Old Vine Zin Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 13) 34" L Full deep violet, wide standards and styles
Pas De Deux Sold Out (Hollingworth 88) S. white; F. lt yellow
Petalicious $14.00 (Hollingworth 18) Multipetal. Relatively petite light blue flowers have a tight, well-ordered structure.
Petite Purple $6.00 (Hollingworth 12) Compact, short dark purple with white eyelash signal, red purple styles


Pixie Preview Pure Flattery Purring Tiger Rambunctious Rigamarole
Pixie Preview $8.00 (Hollingworth 03) Short plant with ruffled mid blue flowers having small white signals
Pure Flattery $25.00 (Hollingworth 2020) 6 falls, no standards; light lavender pearl with white signal veined yellow-green
Purring Tiger Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 15) 24" M Yellow falls with violet veins; standards blue violet; styles red violet
Rambunctious Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 01) 9-12 petals. Medium blue. 3 falls with 6+ standards and3 styles
Rigamarole $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) 20+ petals of lavender pearl. 4" wide blossoms.


Riverdance Roaring Jelly Rosy Bows Ruby Riches Ruffles And Flourishes
Riverdance $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 97) Dark blue with white halo, stipples and wire rims. Dancing flared form
Roaring Jelly $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 92) Raspberry jam spread over  red-grape jelly! Effect is dappled red-purple
Rosy Bows $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) Rose ruffles w/ white signal and light blue halo. Bright garden color
Ruby Riches Sold Out (Hollingworth 21) Tet 30" M Falls marron red with yellow blaze signal;  standards red-violet
Ruffles And Flourishes $6.00 (Hollingworth 02) Tet. Ruffled red-violet with blue halo and white wire rim on falls


Sapphire Starburst See Ya Later Shall We Dance Shebang Ships Are Sailing
Sapphire Starburst $35.00 (Hollingworth 21) 36" M-L Tet Falls light with blue stippled edge; standards blue; 2-3 branches; high bud count, long bloom season. Very bright
See Ya Later Sold Out (Hollingworth 06) Wine red self with a gold signal. Repeat blooms.
Shall We Dance Sold Out (Hollingworth 92) Tet. L. S. & styles lt blue; F. med blue w/ darker center veins
Shebang $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 99) 12-18 rose-violet petals. 6 Falls darker, 6-9 standards and petaloids lighter rose
Ships Are Sailing Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 98) Billowy ruffles of blue-violet falls with light blue rims and white stitched signal; light blue stds. & styles. Thar she goes!


Simon Says Simply Brilliant Simply Delightful Smiley Face Somebody Loves Me
Simon Says Sold Out (Hollingworth 07) Tet. Full formed ruffled blue-purple with white wire edge
Simply Brilliant Sold Out (Hollingworth 17) 31" E-M Falls are yellow overlaid with a broad band of lavender, giving a orange and copper effect. Large bright yellow signal area
Simply Delightful $6.00 (Wendel 14) 3F. 30" M Tailored medium blue, darker toward center
Smiley Face $10.00 (Hollingworth 04) Deep gold yellow with light standards
Somebody Loves Me $8.00 (Hollingworth 98) Tet. Medium blue with half the fall filled with the white signal


Spindazzle Sprinkles Step Lightly Swans In Flight Thats My Baby      
Spindazzle $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 01) Dark velvety rose with blue halo. Wide pearl-rose styles have a petal-like keel, making flower look like it has 6standards. A new spin
Sprinkles $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 94) Late. Lavender ground evenly sprinkled violet-lavender, except at pale rims
Step Lightly $14.00 (Schafer/Sacks 17) 28" M Pastel peach falls, standards pale cream, styles are white with yellow crests
Swans In Flight $10.00 (Hollingworth 06) Very large white self makes a very attractive clump
Thats My Baby $12.00 (Hollingworth 95) 22". Dk red-violet


Thirty Fathoms Trim The Velvet Trip To Paris Tumble Bug Tutu Blue
Thirty Fathoms $6.00 (Copeland, James 16) Late purple-rimmed blue with turquoise styles
Trim The Velvet $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 95) Tall. Blue-purple with white wire-rims. Wide, ruffled form
Trip To Paris $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Large flower and plant. Ruffled soft yellow
Tumble Bug $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) 12 petals of dark rose-wine with white sun-burst halo around yellow signals
Tutu Blue Sold Out (Hollingworth 16) Early to midseason ruffled and floriferous clear mid blue, white and gold signal area


Unbuttoned Zippers Uncorked Uzushio Veins Of Gold Whats On Second
Unbuttoned Zippers Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 11) 23" M Falls are violet overlaid on yellow, standards pale violet
Uncorked Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 01) Light blue standards, yellow falls overlaid with lavender toward edges
Uzushio $6.00 (Shidara 00) 12-18+ light blue-violet petals with small white blaze signal. Hose-in-hose genetics
Veins Of Gold $10.00 (Hollingworth 03) Yellow with darker gold centers and veins
Whats On Second $6.00 (Hollingworth 17) 31" VE White with strong yellow signal; thin foliage; parents involve I. typhifolia.


Wish Me Luck Yankee Ingenuity Yellowtail    
Wish Me Luck Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 16) Ruffled gold yellow, standards lighter; flat form
Yankee Ingenuity $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 08) Lovely medium blue self, white blaze and lighter styles
Yellowtail $6.00 (Jim Copeland 06) Ruffled yellow with near white standards and styles; very flat form


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