SIBERIAN IRISES  Probably the best irises for the perennial border and landscaping. They prefer a slightly acid, organic rich damp soil, but are very adaptable. Their foliage is tall and graceful all season, even as they turn a handsome red-brown after frost. They are dug and divided in Spring, right after bloom, or early fall. Keep them moist for the rest of the year after transplanting. We grow them in the field with the Japanese and use the same culture sheet, including planting 2-3" deep. Tetraploids are marked Tet.

To facilitate downloading pictures, Siberians are divided in three parts

Special 2021 Shipping: We will ship Japanese Iris from August through October, all other iris can also be shipped in spring. I f  you order Siberian, Pseudata or Species for Spring and pay the shipping charge, you may include Japanese on the same order: we will split into 2 orders and ship the Japanese later with no additional shipping charge.

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