Tetraploids are marked Tet.

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Another Pretty Face Aqua Whispers Ay Caramba Band Of Angels Banish Misfortun
Another Pretty Face $8.00 (Dunlop 09) 28" M-L Tetraploid blue violet infused with red violet ruffled petals
Aqua Whispers $6.00 (Miller 88) Lavender-pink with rose blush in throat; pale pink standards and pearl white styles
Ay Caramba $40.00 (Hollingworth 18) Deep cranberry red. Very bright colors of Spain, hence the Spanish name
Band Of Angels $8.00 (Hollingworth 96) Tet. Blue-violet with light blue edges; cream and gold signal blaze
Banish Misfortune Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 99) Tall. Species form. S. & styles blue-lavender; F. yellow-cream ground heavily veined violet with sanded violet petal tips


Blaue Fuella Blueberry Brandy Blueberry Fair Blueberry Torte Blushing Sapphira
Blaue Fuella $10.00 (Tamberg 10) 30" M Tetraploid dark navy blue purple with white signal area; ruffled
Blueberry Brandy $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 10) Dk blue violet self; wide segments, ruffled styles
Blueberry Fair $6.00 (Hollingworth 97) Tet. Wavy ruffled flared form; med-dark blue-violet falls with large white signals; lighter standards very ruffled; wide ruffled blue styles
Blueberry Torte $6.00 (Bauer/Coble NR) 32" ML multipetal blue violet self
Blushing Sapphira $6.00 (Wendel 13) Tailored med blue with a reddish blush in center of falls


Book Of Secrets Bright And Beautiful Bundle of Joy Butterscotch Fizz Cape Cod Boys
Book Of Secrets $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 00) Blend of chalky white and pale lavender makes a striking flower
Bright And Beautiful $8.00 (Hollingworth 04) Ruffled bright violet with a striking yellow blaze
Bundle Of Joy $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) Tet. 3 velvety burgundy falls with 6-9 rose' standards. Short, 24". Novelty
Butterscotch Fizz $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 13) Deep golden yellow falls with contrasting lighter standards
Cape Cod Boys Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 09) Large blue-violet flowers. Vigorous


Charming Billy Cheery Lyn China Spring Cold Frosty Morning Colorflash
Charming Billy $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 04) Red violet with pearly light blue styles, blue wash on falls
Cheery Lyn $8.00 (Miller 91) S. & F. bright pink-lavender; Falls have lighter rims. Styles white. Nice pink
China Spring $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 99) VE. Tall. Med blue with light blue standards and styles; 2-3 branches. From Springs Brook x typhifolia. Vigorous
Cold Frosty Morning $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 00) Clean white self with little signal showing
Colorflash $6.00 (Hollingworth 12) Bright blue violet with dark red streak running from center of gold blaze


Concord Crush Contrast In Styles Coronation Anthem Count The Ways Crimson Cloissone
Concord Crush $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 09) Tet. M-VL 12-15 petals of blue violet. Repeat bloom.
Contrast In Styles $6.00 (Hollingworth 89) Wine-red; lighter styles
Coronation Anthem $6.00 (Hollingworth 90) Tet. Ruffled med blue; dkr shadings; white blaze signal; lt blue styles.
Count The Ways $20.00 (Hollingworth 16) Tet tall (42") early. Light to mid blue with a white signal area
Crimson Cloissone $8.00 (Aitken 05) Wine red with a white wire edge to the petals


Currier Dance And Sing Dance Party Dancing Mood Dawn Waltz
Currier $10.00 (Hollingworth 04) Tetraploid. Very early tall deep red violet with a showy white blaze
Dance And Sing $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 02) Light yellow stds; yellow styles; wide, ruffled light yellow falls, darker signal
Dance Party $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Light to dark red violet standards over white and blue falls
Dancing Mood $6.00 (Hollingworth 13) 31" ML Wide ruffled red violet, often reblooms
Dawn Waltz $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 98) Lavender with greenish signal; violet halo and veins. Pearl style arms


Deep In My Heart Dirigo Black Knight Dirigo Black Velvet Dirigo Indigo Dirigo Valiant
Deep In My Heart $30.00 (Hollingworth 17) 24" L Large flat overlapping petals broadly edged in red violet with a large white signal area
Dirigo Black Knight $6.00 (White 05) Dark falls have white wire rim, lilac standards make nice contrast
Dirigo Black Velvet $6.00 (White 99) Tet. 40". Very dark purple with gold signal. Good name!
Dirigo Indigo $6.00 (White 07) Tet. Deep indigo blue with nicely contrasting lighter standards
Dirigo Valiant $6.00 (White 03) Tet. Medium blue violet self; full form


Doreen Cambray Double Play Double Standards Elegance And Simplicity Emily Ann
Doreen Cambray $12.00 (Hollingworth 07) Complex mix of reds and blues with heavy veining; flat full form
Double Play Sold Out (Hollingworth 10) Multipetal white self
Double Standards $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) 9-12 petals. 3 blue-violet falls with 6+ lighter blue standards
Elegance And Simplicity $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 01) White with yellow center; tailored form
Emily Ann $8.00 (Hollingworth 02) Tet. Falls cream, speckled and edge blue violet, Stds bl-vi speckled white


Encore Performance Ester C.D.M. First Frost Fishermans Morning Fishermans Twilight
Encore Performance $6.00 (Hollingworth 10) Mixture of red and blue violet, consistent rebloomer
Ester C.D.M. $10.00 (McGarvey 81) Very late, flaring white. Best of the upright, blue-green foliage types
First Frost $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 13) 34" VE The first white siberian to bloom in our garden
Fishermans Morning $6.00 (Copeland 94) Rosy-violet with bluish blaze; lt blue styles with turquoise midribs
Fishermans Twilight $10.00 (Copeland 14) 3F. 20" M Red violet with blue around signal and blue style midribs


Fond Kiss Forever Remembered Frilly Vanilly Frosted Cranberry Galadriel
Fond Kiss Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 99) Tall stalks with large blooms.  Warm white with soft lavender-pink blush in the center
Forever Remembered $6.00 (Miller 04) Bright rose violet with blue infusion; modern form and nice upright blue-green foliage.
Frilly Vanilly $10.00 (Hollingworth 03) Vigorous; smaller, full form, ruffled white flowers
Frosted Cranberry $6.00 (Miller 91) Dark rose-pink; Falls have a few dark wine veins; styles are pearl rose
Galadriel $12.00 (Hollingworth 02) Pure white, full flat form; ruffled


Gem Quality Ginger Twist Glow Of Happiness Hail To The Chief Handsome Harry
Gem Quality $14.00 (Hollingworth 08) Vibrant mix of red and blue with prominent gold blaze on falls
Ginger Twist $12.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Lavender standards, ginger falls, speckles all over, pearly styles
Glow Of Happiness $8.00 (Miller 94) White S. Lite yellow to white falls
Hail To The Chief Sold Out (Hollingworth 12) Ruffled bright red violet tetraploid with a creamy white blaze
Handsome Harry $6.00 (Bellagamba 05) Attractive medium wine with lighter standards and very light ruffled styles


Having Fun Head Start Heliotrope Bouquet Hello Yellow High Standards
Having Fun Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 05) 12-15 petals; hose in hose type, rose violet with lighter edges and blue lavender halos
Head Start $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 11) Very early pale yellow
Heliotrope Bouquet $6.00 (Hollingworth 87) VE. Rose-violet, lighter S. & styles. White blaze signal with blue blush
Hello Yellow $8.00 (Hollingworth 99) Yellow bitone
High Standards $6.00 (Hollingworth 86) Tet. Tall (40-50"). Dark blue-purple; white &gold signals


Hooked Again Hot Hot Hot How Audacious Humors Of Whiskey Imperial Opal
Hooked Again $6.00 (Jim Copeland 06) Blue falls lighter toward edges, very light blue standards and styles
Hot Hot Hot $10.00 (Hollingworth 15) Early; 35". Floriferous ruffled blue violet to red violed; gold sunburst signal
How Audacious Sold Out (Hollingworth 09) Tet. ML Bright rose, violet and yellow colors in a stunning flower.
Humors Of Whiskey Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 07) Unusual new color of golden brown with pinky white standards and yellow styles
Imperial Opal $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 01) 12-20 petals.  Layered petals of lavender-pink with lite pink edges


In Full Sail Indy Jennasee Jerry Murphy Jewelled Crown
In Full Sail $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 99) Late. Creamy white with yellow rayed center in falls; large white style crests
Indy $6.00 (Hollingworth 85) VE. Red-violet; blue blush blaze
Jennasee $8.00 (Hollingworth 14) 3F.Ruffled lilac self with darker peppering. Lighter standards and white signal blaze
Jerry Murphy $15.00 (Schafer/Sacks 08) Apricot overlaid with red violet; contrasting styles and standards are cream with yellow edges
Jewelled Crown $6.00 (Hollingworth 85) Tet. 24". Very ruffled flaring deep wine-red; gold sunburst signal


Jiggles Jolly Young Man Joyce Cole Judy Judy Judy Jukebox
Jiggles $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) Ruffled light blue with blue veins; white signal. Very full form
Jolly Young Man $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 13) 29" M petals are shades of medium blue with a large white signal
Joyce Cole $8.00 (Cole 06) A late, very ruffled creamy white
Judy Judy Judy $20.00 (Hollingworth 10) Tet. Red violet with prominent white center, bluish styles
Jukebox $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 05) Tet. Rose violet petals, shaded blue center, very wide light blue styles with turquoise midribs


Just Cruising Kabluey Kaboom Kiss The Girl Kita No Seiza
Just Cruising $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 01) Ruffled yellow bitone (liter standards)
Kabluey $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 99) 18-27 petals! Dark blue-violet with white signals on falls. Hose-in-hose
Kaboom $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 01) Tet. 9-12+petals. Navy blue velvet with gold and white sunburst signals
Kiss The Girl $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 04) Beautiful yellow bitone, falls having darker centers
Kita No Seiza $6.00 (Shidara 99) 6 fall double. Dark violet with large white signals. Violet styles


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