Tetraploids are marked Tet.

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Imperial Presence Japanese Pinwheel Kimono Silk Lady In Pink Lake Effect  
Imperial Presence Sold Out (Rich, J by Bauer-Coble 95) 3F. Classic form pure white self
Japanese Pinwheel Sold Out (McEwen 88) Tet. 3F. Dark red violet with white wire rims. Payne Award 92
Kimono Silk Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 08) 6F. Pure white with bright blue brushing between veins
Lady In Pink Sold Out (Aitken 06) 3F. Pink self
Lake Effect Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 04) 6F. Very nearly true blue w/ light blue edges. Ruffled, modern flared form.


Lilac Peaks Lion King Michio Muffington Neptunes Trident
Lilac Peaks Sold Out (Vogt 87) 6F. White with violet veins; lilac styles
Lion King Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 96) 9F. Layered rose-edged petals with white centers; white styles. Roar!
Michio Sold Out (Miller 89) 6F. Med blue, lt blue halo and rays
Muffington Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 00) 12F. Pearl white with plum halo and veining out to white rims. Purple styles
Neptunes Trident Sold Out (Harris 11) 6F. 48" L Dark blue violet


Pagoda Temple Raspberry Candy Rosewater Royal Game Ruffled White Water
Pagoda Temple Sold Out (Harris 17) 6-12 F. 36" M. "Hose in hose" form, another flower emerges from center of flower
Raspberry Candy Sold Out  (Bauer/Coble 99) 6F. White sugar petals with dark red raspberry halo and branching veins. Black raspberry styles fill the center. Delicious!
Rosewater Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 96) 6F. Rose-violet with blue halo. Violet styles. Flaring form. Late season
Royal Game Sold Out (Stahly 84) 6F. Deep velvety purple
Ruffled White Water Sold Out (Copeland 09) 6F M. Full formed ruffled white


Sakurakomachi Sapphire Crown Satozakura Second Wave Silent Thunder
Sakurakomachi Sold Out (Ichie 82) 3F. 30". Falls true pink with slightly darker veins; styles light pink. Best 3Fpink
Sapphire Crown Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 96) 6F. White with blue-violet halo and veins, red-viol at edge; purple style arms
Satozakura Sold Out (Kamo 93) 3F. E. Huge lavender-pink with lighter edges
Second Wave Sold Out (Aitken 05) 6F. Deep blue self; yellow signal
Silent Thunder Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 96) 9-12F Multi layers of rose-violet with dark violet style crests. Late.



Slumbering Dragon Sue Jo Summer Storm Tropical Storm Upson Downs
Slumbering Dragon Sold Out (Bauer/-Coble 97) 6F. 30". Dark wine-red ruffles with lighter styles
Sue Jo Sold Out (Delmez 03) 6F. Ruffled and flared white, heavily veined blue; contrasting deep purple styles
Summer Storm Sold Out (Marx 55) 6F. Late. Dark purple
Tropical Storm Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 96) 9-12F. Late. Blue halo with red-violet shading to the near white rims
Upson Downs Sold Out (Copeland 08) 3F. Red violet stds on white falls with some violet veins


Victorian Trim Vintners Pride Wine Maiden Wispy Clouds Yamanobe Yodo No Kawase
Victorian Trim Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 09) 6F. M Ruffled red violet, heavily veined with white
Vintners Pride Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 11) 6F. 36" M. Solid purple with erect feathered styles
Wine Maiden Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 09) 6F. 36" M. Dark blue violet halo and veins on a red violet ground
Wispy Clouds Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 04) 6F. Very pale blue, garden effect is a pastel blue; full and ruffled
Yamanobe Sold Out (Japan) 3F. S. white, rose rims; F. violet around many white rays. White styles. Open form
Yodo No Kawase Sold Out (Japan <1980) 3F. S. and styles white, edged violet; F. white centers with blue-violet edges


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