Tetraploids are marked Tet.

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Hegira Indigo Angel Iris ensata Japanese Pinwheel Jocasta  
Hegira $20.00 (Innerst 86) 6F. 36" M. Light purple veins on light ground
Indigo Angel $65.00 (Bauer/Coble 11) 6F. 36" M. Very striking purple veins on lite ground. Purple styles and edges
Iris Ensata $8.00 () The species. 3F. E 3" pendant wine-red
Japanese Pinwheel $25.00 (McEwen 88) Tet. 3F. Dark red violet with white wire rims. Payne Award 92
Jocasta $8.00 (Innerst 88) 6F. Late. Red- to rose-violet veins, petal edges, and styles on liter ground; blue-violet halo


Johns Fancy Kalamazoo Kimono Silk Knip Won Koto Harp Strings Lady In Pink  
Johns Fancy Sold Out (Jill Copeland 08) 3F White with striking blue lines. Styles deep blue, white crests
Kalamazoo Sold Out (Hazzard 89) 3F. S. purple; styles purple; F.  Purple veining out to white edges. Payne Medal 1996
Kimono Silk Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 08) 6F. Pure white with bright blue brushing between veins
Knip Won $18.00 (Jill Copeland 17) 3F. 37" M Dark pink center and veins. Stds dark pink, Styles dark Rose
Koto Harp Strings $20.00 (Harris 16) 6F. Light veins on purple ground
Lady In Pink $20.00 (Aitken 06) 3F. Pink self


Lake Effect Lion King Little Bit Yellow Love Goddess Luxor Temple
Lake Effect $12.00 (Bauer/Coble 04) 6F. Very nearly true blue w/ light blue edges. Ruffled, modern flared form.
Lion King $12.00 (Bauer/Coble 96) 9F. Layered rose-edged petals with white centers; white styles. Roar!
Little Bit Yellow $10.00 (Copeland 14) 6F. 36" M White with yellow styles and center
Love Goddess $10.00 (Payne 69) 6F. Ivory white
Luxor Temple $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 13) 9F. 36" M Blue violet with white center and veins, white styles tipped bv


Midnight Clouds Miharu Mulberry Tango Night Angel Pagoda Temple
Midnight Clouds $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 10) 6F. Ruffled blue-violet, dk blue halos, light rays, white styles
Miharu $20.00 (Shimizu 04) 6F. 27" Petals pink, slightly deeper at edges, wide, ruffled; Style arms white with pink edge, very frilled
Mulberry Tango Sold Out (Walker 06) 6F. 34" Grey, red-violet speckled blue-violet halo, blue-violet and grey veins; styles white, red tips
Night Angel Sold Out (Aitken 96) 6F. Ruffled dark purple with liter rays; multiple dark styles with white wire rims
Pagoda Temple $16.00 (Harris 17) 6-12 F. 36" M. "Hose in hose" form, another flower emerges from center of flower


Peacock Dance Peacock Strut Pinkerton Pleasant Starburst Rainbow Darter
Peacock Dance Sold Out (Marx 55) 3F. S Purple; F White with few purple veins; Purple styles
Peacock Strut $12.00 (Hirao/Hager 78) 3F. S. violet w/ white centers; F. large white centers to blue-viol borders.
Pinkerton Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 99) 6F. Truest pink we have bloomed; darker veins, cream-pink styles, pink crests
Pleasant Starburst Sold Out (Harris 98) 6F. Blue violet with whie veins and white styles
Rainbow Darter $10.00 (Jill Copeland 05) 3F. White, brushed blue, standards have red violet rim


Red Ringlets Rich Randall Rings A Bell Rivulets of Wine Rosy Sunrise
Red Ringlets $12.00 (Aitken 94) 6F. White centers with red raspberry edges. White styles with red tipped crests
Rich Randall $15.00 (Hublau 05) 9F. Multipetal white with rose red rim on falls
Rings A Bell Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 11) 6 F. 36" M. White with pink edges and styles. Flaring form with heavy substance
Rivulets of Wine Sold Out (Aitken 99) 6F. 40" White with intense wine red veins, solid wine halo; styles wine, tipped lighter
Rosy Sunrise $14.00 (Vogt 92) 6F.  Lav-pink with darker halo and styles


Royal Game Ruby Star Ruffled White Water Sakura Komachi Sapphire Crown
Royal Game Sold Out (Stahly 84) 6F. Deep velvety purple
Ruby Star Sold Out (Aitken 91) 6F. Bright red with white star halo, and white styles with red crests
Ruffled White Water $10.00 (Copeland 09) 6F M. Full formed ruffled white
Sakura Komachi Sold Out (Ichie 82) 3F. 30". Falls true pink with slightly darker veins; styles light pink. Best 3Fpink
Sapphire Crown $20.00 (Bauer/Coble 96) 6F. White with blue-violet halo and veins, red-viol at edge; purple style arms


Saru Odori Sea Of Amethyst Second Wave Shinto Rings Silent Thunder
Saru Odori $14.00 (Japan <20) 3F. S. rose. F. rosy center halo shades out to pale edges. Flaring form
Sea Of Amethyst $12.00 (Rich 71) 6F. White sanded amethyst, heaviest at edges and tips of style crests
Second Wave $10.00 (Aitken 05) 6F. Deep blue self; yellow signal
Shinto Rings Sold Out (Hirao 01) 6F. White with red edges
Silent Thunder $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 96) 9-12F Multi layers of rose-violet with dark violet style crests. Late.


Silken Charm Silverband Sing The Blues Slumbering Dragon Snowy Hills
Silken Charm $20.00 (Bauer/Coble 10) 3F. Bright white with pink picotee rim
Silverband $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 89) 3F. 3"  red-wine species bloom on cream variegated foliage. I. ensata `variegata'
Sing The Blues Sold Out (Reid 97) 6F. Light to medium blue centers with half inch white petal edges. Cream-white styles
Slumbering Dragon $10.00 (Bauer/-Coble 97) 6F. 30". Dark wine-red ruffles with lighter styles
Snowy Hills $14.00 (Marx 54) 6F. Pure white


Stormy Monday Sue Jo Sugar Dome Summer Storm Sunrise Ridge
Stormy Monday Sold Out (Paolucci 79) 6F. Dark blue self
Sue Jo $30.00 (Delmez 03) 6F. Ruffled and flared white, heavily veined blue; contrasting deep purple styles
Sugar Dome Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 08) 6F. Upright white stylearms in center of bright blue falls with white veins
Summer Storm Sold Out (Marx55) 6F. Late. Dark purple
Sunrise Ridge Sold Out (Harris 07) 6F. Hyacinth violet, white rays from signal to within ¼ in. of edge


Tarnhelm Tideline Tropical Storm Tsuyuzorabaare Upson Downs
Tarnhelm $12.00 (Bauer/Coble 97) 9F. Layers of pure white
Tideline Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 95) 6F. White with narrow blue-violet borders; white styles with blue tipped crests
Tropical Storm $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 96) 9-12F. Late. Blue halo with red-violet shading to the near white rims
Tsuyuzorabare $14.00 (Hirao 85) 9-12F.  White, sanded and veined light blue-violet. Multipetal
Upson Downs $8.00 (Copeland 08) 3F. Red violet stds on white falls with some violet veins


Victorian Trim Vintners Pride Wave Action White Caps Wind Glider
Victorian Trim $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 09) 6F. M Ruffled red violet, heavily veined with white
Vintners Pride $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 11) 6F. 36" M. Solid purple with erect feathered styles
Wave Action $20.00 (Bauer/Coble 09) 6F. M Near white, brushed and veined light blue in center
White Caps Sold Out (Copeland 08) 6F. Vivid blue falls with some white rays and pure white styles
Wind Glider Sold  Out (Jill Copeland 06) 3F. Overlapping falls are white, sanded violet; standards deep red violet


Wispy Clouds Yamanobe You Won Yuzen
Wispy Clouds Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 04) 6F. Very pale blue, garden effect is a pastel blue; full and ruffled
Yamanobe $12.00 (Japan) 3F. S. white, rose rims; F. violet around many white rays. White styles. Open form
You Won $10.00 (Copeland 14) 3F. 34" M Tetraploid. Full form. Standards dark plum, styles dk violet Lt blue violet falls, dker veins
Yuzen Sold Out (Ichie 94) 6F. 36" M. White with thin red violet rim


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