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Hanakaido Hegira Indigo Angel Indigo Magic Iris ensata
Hanakaido Sold Out (Shimizu NR) 3F. Pink, lighter halo and rays; light styles tipped dark pink
Hegira $12.00 (Innerst 86) 6F. White, blue veins and styles
Indigo Angel Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 11) 6F. 36" M. Very striking purple veins on lite ground. Purple styles and edges
Indigo Magic $10.00 (Rich 96) 6F. Horizontal form in deep blue; purple styles. Ruffled edges. Very Nice
Iris ensata $8.00 () The species. 3F. E 3" pendant wine-red


Japanese Plum Jewel Of The Nile Jocasta Johns Fancy Kalamazoo
Japanese Plum $15.00 (Harris 10) 6F. 38" ML Rich velvety plum red. Riffled.
Jewel Of The Nile $12.00 (Bauer/Coble 13) 6F. 36" ML Ruffled deep red violet; multiple white styles tipped dark rv
Jocasta $8.00 (Innerst 88) 6F. Late. Red- to rose-violet veins, petal edges, and styles on liter ground; blue-violet halo
Johns Fancy $20.00 (Jill Copeland 08) 3F White with striking blue lines. Styles deep blue, white crests
Kalamazoo $15.00 (Hazzard 89) 3F. S. purple; styles purple; F. Purple veining out to white edges. Payne Medal 1996


Kimono Silk Knip Won Lake Effect Lilac Peaks Lion King
Kimono Silk Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 08) 6F. Pure white with bright blue brushing between veins
Knip Won $35.00 (Jill Copeland 17) 3F. 37" M Dark pink center and veins. Stds dark pink, Styles dark Rose
Lake Effect $12.00 (Bauer/Coble 04) 6F. Very nearly true blue w/ light blue edges. Ruffled, modern flared form.
Lilac Peaks $14.00 (Vogt 87) 6F. White with violet veins; lilac styles
Lion King $15.00 (Bauer/Coble 96) 9F. Layered rose-edged petals with white centers; white styles. Roar!


Little Bit Yellow Love Goddess Luxor Temple Michio Midnight Clouds
Little Bit Yellow $12.00 (Copeland 14) 6F. 36" M White with yellow styles and center
Love Goddess $12.00 (Payne 69) 6F. Ivory white
Luxor Temple $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 13) 9F. 36" M Blue violet with white center and veins, white styles tipped bv
Michio Sold Out (Miller 89) 6F. Med blue, lt blue halo and rays
Midnight Clouds $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 10) 6F. Ruffled blue-violet, dk blue halos, light rays, white styles


Miharu Muffington Mulberry Tango My Elisabeth Oriental Eyes
Miharu $20.00 (Shimizu 04) 6F. 27" Petals pink, slightly deeper at edges, wide, ruffled; Style arms white with pink edge, very frilled
Muffington Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 00) 12F. Pearl white with plum halo and veining out to white rims. Purple styles
Mulberry Tango $12.00 (Walker 06) 6F. 34" Grey, red-violet speckled blue-violet halo, blue-violet and grey veins; styles white, red tips
My Elisabeth Sold Out (McEwen 08) 6F. 34" lavender; styles white edged lavender
Oriental Eyes Sold Out (Vogt 84) 6F. The purple halos vein out to rose-lavender edges. A 88 and PM 93


Oriental Fantasy Over The Waves Peak Of Pink Pinkerton Pooh Bah
Oriental Fantasy $12.00 (Payne 69) 6F. White, some lavender sanding; multiple cream styles w/ lavender crests
Over The Waves $12.00 (Marx 55) 6F. White with blue-violet borders. White styles with violet crests
Peak Of Pink Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 99) 6F. Near white pink with sharp, true pink styles and style crests
Pinkerton $20.00 (Bauer/Coble 99) 6F. Truest pink we have bloomed; darker veins, cream-pink styles, pink crests
Pooh Bah $14.00 (Hager 99) 6F. Bright red-violet with white rays; white styles with solid red-violet crests


Rainbow Darter Raspberry Candy Red Tessa Rich Randall Rivulets of Wine
Rainbow Darter $12.00 (Jill Copeland 05) 3F. White, brushed blue, standards have red violet rim
Raspberry Candy Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 99) 6F. White sugar petals with dark red raspberry halo and branching veins. Black raspberry styles fill the center. Delicious
Red Tessa $14.00 (Aitken 07) 6F. Dark red-violet with deep purple veins and styles
Rich Randall $15.00 (Hublau 05) 9F. Multipetal white with rose red rim on falls
Rivulets of Wine Sold Out (Aitken 99) 6F. 40" White with intense wine red veins, solid wine halo; styles wine, tipped lighter


Rose Adagio Rosy Sunrise Ruby Star Ruffled White Water Sakura Komachi
Rose Adagio Sold Out (Payne 69) 12F. Rose and rose-lavender sanded petals, heavier at edges, white in center
Rosy Sunrise $16.00 (Vogt 92) 6F. Lav-pink with darker halo and styles
Ruby Star $12.00 (Aitken 91) 6F. Bright red with white star halo, and white styles with red crests
Ruffled White Water $12.00 (Copeland 09) 6F M. Full formed ruffled white
Sakura Komachi $20.00 (Ichie 82) 3F. 30". Falls true pink with slightly darker veins; styles light pink. Best 3Fpink


Sapphire Crown Saru Odori Satozakura Seafury Second Wave
Sapphire Crown $20.00 (Bauer/Coble 96) 6F. White with blue-violet halo and veins, red-viol at edge; purple style arms
Saru Odori $12.00 (Japan <20) 3F. S. rose. F. rosy center halo shades out to pale edges. Flaring form
Satozakura $15.00 (Kamo 93) 3F. E. Huge lavender-pink with lighter edges
Seafury Sold Out (Payne 59) 6F. Flared form: White with thin blue-violet veins; multiple styles vary from white to blue
Second Wave $12.00 (Aitken 05) 6F. Deep blue self; yellow signal


Sheer Fascination Shining Prince Shinto Rings Shinto Spirit Silent Thunder
Sheer Fascination Sold Out (Payne 69) 3F. Late. Huge blooms. S. red-violet; F. lite ground heavily veined mulberry
Shining Prince Sold Out (Hirao 91) 6F. Dark violet, light blue rays; white styles
Shinto Rings $25.00 (Hirao 01) 6F. White with red edges
Shinto Spirit $16.00 (Hirao 00) 6F. Bright blue with white to light blue halo centers; very ruffled. White styles
Silent Thunder $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 96) 9-12F Multi layers of rose-violet with dark violet style crests. Late.


Silver Filigree Silverband Sing The Blues Sky and Water Snowy Hills
Silver Filigree $12.00 (Payne 69) 3F. Red purple with white wire rims on stds and falls
Silverband $12.00 (Bauer/Coble 89) 3F. 3" red-wine species bloom on cream variegated foliage. I. ensata `variegata'
Sing The Blues Sold Out (Reid 97) 6F. Light to medium blue centers with half inch white petal edges. Cream-white styles
Sky And Water $12.00 (Payne 54) 6F. Light blue self
Snowy Hills $12.00 (Marx 54) 6F. Pure white


Spirit Lake Stormy Monday Sue Jo Sugar Dome Summer Storm
Spirit Lake Sold Out (Payne 69) 6F. Lt blue-violet; blue halo
Stormy Monday $15.00 (Paolucci 79) 6F. Dark blue self
Sue Jo Sold Out (Delmez 03) 6F. Ruffled and flared white, heavily veined blue; contrasting deep purple styles
Sugar Dome Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 08) 6F. Upright white stylearms in center of bright blue falls with white veins
Summer Storm $12.00 (Marx55) 6F. Late. Dark purple


Sunrise Ridge Swirling Waves Tarnhelm Tessa Dark Eyes Tideline
Sunrise Ridge $15.00 (Harris 07) 6F. Hyacinth violet, white rays from signal to within in. of edge
Swirling Waves Sold Out (Payne 51) 6F. Near white with blue-violet veins, darker edges; multiple purple styles
Tarnhelm $14.00 (Bauer/Coble 97) 9F. Layers of pure white
Tessa Dark Eyes $14.00 (Aitken 95) 6F. L. Lt ground heavily sanded and veined violet; multiple purple styles
Tideline Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 95) 6F. White with narrow blue-violet borders; white styles with blue tipped crests


Tropical Storm Tsuyuzorabaare Upson Downs Victorian Trim Vintners Pride    
Tropical Storm $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 96) 9-12F. Late. Blue halo with red-violet shading to the near white rims
Tsuyuzorabare $14.00 (Hirao 85) 9-12F. White, sanded and veined light blue-violet. Multipetal
Upson Downs $10.00 (Copeland 08) 3F. Red violet stds on white falls with some violet veins
Victorian Trim $12.00 (Bauer/Coble 09) 6F. M Ruffled red violet, heavily veined with white
Vintners Pride $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 11) 6F. 36" M. Solid purple with erect feathered styles


Wave Action White Caps Wine Maiden Wispy Clouds Yamanobe    
Wave Action Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 09) 6F. M Near white, brushed and veined light blue in center
White Caps $12.00 (Copeland 08) 6F. Vivid blue falls with some white rays and pure white styles
Wine Maiden $14.00 (Bauer/Coble 09) 6F. M Dark blue violet halo and veins on a red violet ground
Wispy Clouds Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 04) 6F. Very pale blue, garden effect is a pastel blue; full and ruffled
Yamanobe $12.00 (Japan) 3F. S. white, rose rims; F. violet around many white rays. White styles. Open form


Yodo No Kawase You Won    
Yodo No Kawase Sold Out (<80) 3F. S. and styles white, edged violet; F. white centers with blue-violet edges
You Won $8.00 (Copeland 14) 3F. 34" M Tetraploid. Full form. Standards dark plum, styles dk violet Lt blue violet falls, dker veins


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