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Ardith Ann Artesian Spring Beckys Dream Belgium Dancer Belgium Sky
Ardith Ann Sold Out (Copeland 14) 6F. 36" M White ground, heavy red-violet veins and deep wine red style arms
Artesian Spring Sold Out (Harris 10) 6F. Dark blue purple, multiple white styles tipped blue
Beckys Dream Sold Out  (Jill Copeland 18) 6F. 38" M Styles dark rose pink, falls white, washed and veined red-violet.
Belgium Dancer Sold Out  (Hublau 07) 6F. 28" White, wine red halo, wine red pencil fine edge, style arms cream, tipped wine red
Belgium Sky Sold Out  (Hublau 96) 6F. 35" Light Blue, dark violet halo; style arms silvery white edged blue


Belgium Warrior Bellender Blue Blushing Crimson Blushing Snowmaiden Christinas Sister
Belgium Warrior Sold Out (Hublau 03) 6F. Mandarin purple with blue halo
Bellender Blue Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 93) 3F.  Early, tall (40-50").  Dark blue-violet self.2-3 branches. PM 00
Blushing Crimson Sold Out (Rich 95) 6F. E. Ruffled white with dark rose wash;  white styles/ large crests
Blushing Snowmaiden Sold Out (Harris 00) 9+F M White, randoimly brushed rose with white rays
Christinas Sister Sold Out (Copeland 09) 6F M. White, violet blue halo and veins


Columbia Deep Water Craola Kiss Crested Surf Crystal Halo Don And Donna        
Columbia Deep Water $14.00 (Harris 13) 6F. 48" M-L Red violet blend with faint blue rays
Craola Kiss Sold Out (Walker 05) 6F. Striking white with red violet halo and veins
Crested Surf Sold Out  (Bauer/Coble 00) 6F.White with thin blue veins; multiple blue styles with surf white crests
Crystal Halo Sold Out (Marx 59) 6F. Red purple centers vein into 1/2" crystal white edges.  Purple styles. Classic
Don And Donna  Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 08) 6F. Dk blue styles nest on pale blue falls with dk blue veins


Dragon Mane Early Exuberance Eileens Dream First Act Flamingo Waltz
Dragon Mane Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 00) 12F. Large dramatic red-violet veined multipetal on white ground; purple styles usually hidden
Early Exuberance Sold Out (Hager 07) 6F. Very early and floriferous ruffled red-violet self
Eileens Dream Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 00) 9-12F. Lush maroon velvet multipetal
First Act Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 04) 6F. Red-wine self, distinguished for being the first double to bloom in the season
Flamingo Waltz Sold Out (Harris 14) 6F. 36" M Lightly ruffled pink


Frilled Enchantment Frosted Intrigue Frosted Pyramid Great Lakes Waves Great White Heron
Frilled Enchantment Sold Out (Marx 59) 6F. White with red-violet ruffled edges. White styles with r-v crests
Frosted Intrigue Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 97) 6F. Dark blue-violet centers shade out to red-violet edges. White styles
Frosted Pyramid Sold Out (Marx 60) 12F. Pure white layers of folds and ruffles; looks like a white peony
Great Lakes Waves Sold Out (Copeland 2020) 6F. Blue with white rays; white wave styles with sea-foam blue crests.
Great White Heron Sold Out (Marx 53) 3F. Pendant white self.



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