Tetraploids are marked Tet.

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Above And Beyond Alexisaurus Angelic Choir Ardith Ann Artesian Spring
Above And Beyond $15.00 (Delmez 00) 3F. Med blue; falls appear splashed and veined blue; styles near white
Alexisaurus $18.00 (Copeland 12) 6F. Tetraploid large white with heavy substance
Angelic Choir $14.00 (Harris 06) 6F. White with Multiple upright styles in center
Ardith Ann $10.00 (Copeland 14) 6F. 36" M White ground, heavy red-violet veins and deep wine red style arms
Artesian Spring $14.00 (Harris 10) 6F. Dark blue purple, multiple white styles tipped blue


Beckys Dream Bellender Blue Blue Embers Blue Marlin Blue Twilight Moon
Beckys Dream $30.00 (Jill Copeland 18) 6F. 38" M Styles dk rose pink, falls white, washed and veined red-violet.
Bellender Blue $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 93) 3F.  Early, tall (40-50").  Dark blue-violet self.2-3 branches. PM 00
Blue Embers $18.00 (Bauer/Coble 93) 3F. VE. Light blue-violet; white standards, halo, short rays
Blue Marlin $8.00 (Copeland 83) 6F. Late. Dark blue-violet self. Payne Award winner1985
Blue Twilight Moon $10.00 (Walker 06) 6F. Ruffled medium red violet, blue halo and veins


Bobs Choice Butterflies In Flight Christinas Sister Classical Charm Coho
Bobs Choice $18.00 (Jill Copeland 07) 6F Excellent mid blue color.
Butterflies In Flight $20.00 (Aitken 91) 6F. Tall white with blue-violet veins and styles Payne Medal 1998
Christinas Sister $18.00 (Copeland 09) 6F M. White, violet blue halo and veins
Classical Charm $12.00 (Bauer/Coble 05) 3F. Violet standards with white rims; white falls
Coho $20.00 (Harris 05) 3F. S. pink; styles edged pink; F. dark pink with bluish halo


Columbia Deep Water Craola Kiss Crested Surf Crystal Halo Dalle Whitewater
Columbia Deep Water $18.00 (Harris 13) 6F. 48" M-L Red violet blend with faint blue rays
Craola Kiss Sold Out (Walker 05) 6F. Striking white with red violet halo and veins
Crested Surf $16.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) 6F.White with thin blue veins; multiple blue styles with surf white crests
Crystal Halo $14.00 (Marx 59) 6F. Red purple centers vein into 1/2" crystal white edges.  Purple styles. Classic
Dalle Whitewater $14.00 (Harris 11) 6F. 48" L White ground heavily sanded violet with multiple white styles


Dancing Waves Danseur Noble Dark Lightning Dino Dirigo Pink Milestone
Dancing Waves $25.00 (Payne 64) 6F. Late. Light ground with purple halo and veins out to mulberry purple edges with white wire-rims. Large dark purple styles. Payne Award 1968
Danseur Noble $12.00 (Payne 59) 3F. S. and styles blue-violet with white rims; Falls white with blue veins
Dark Lightning $18.00 (Bauer/Coble 01) 6F. Dark blue-violet with white struck rays from the white halo. White styles
Dino $18.00 (Aitken 93) 6F. Very tall. Light ground shaded with violet veins, halo, edges, and darker styles
Dirigo Pink Milestone $20.00 (White 00) 3F. Large pink blooms on well branched stalks. Very nice.


Double First Early Exuberance Eileens Dream Enchanted Island Espata
Double First $20.00 (McEwen 86) 6F. Tet. Starchy white
Early Exuberance $8.00 (Hager 07) 6F. Very early and floriferous ruffled red-violet self
Eileens Dream $12.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) 9-12F. Lush maroon velvet multipetal
Enchanted Island $20.00 (Bauer/Coble 13) 6F. 36" M Near white with dark violet veins and edge, multiple deep purple styles
Espata $8.00 (Copeland 01) 6F. Plum-violet, blue-violet halo, rose-violet edges. Vigorous


Evelyn White First Act Flamingo Waltz Flashing Koi Foreign Intrigue
Evelyn White $25.00 (White 08) 6F. White sharp red-violet border; styles white tipped red violet
First Act $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 04) 6F. Red-wine self, distinguished for being the first double to bloom in the season
Flamingo Waltz $20.00 (Harris 14) 6F. 36" M Lightly ruffled pink
Flashing Koi $14.00 (Marx 78) 6F. White with dark red-purple halo and short veins, dark red-purple styles
Foreign Intrigue $16.00 (Bauer/Coble 95) 6F. Blue-violet with silvery edges; dark blue-purple upright styles


Frilled Enchantment Frosted Intrigue Geisha Obi Grape Fizz Greywoods Antique Blush  
Frilled Enchantment $16.00 (Marx 59) 6F. White with red-violet ruffled edges. White styles with r-v crests
Frosted Intrigue $16.00 (Bauer/Coble 97) 6F. Dark blue-violet centers shade out to red-violet edges. White styles
Geisha Obi Sold Out (Rich 89) 6F. Red with white rays. PM99
Grape Fizz $12.00 (Ackerman 85) 6-9F. Dark violet, splashed white and light violet. Good culture gives extra petals
Greywoods Antique Blush $10.00 (Wilkinson 04) 6F. 32" Soft pink; white center, pink ages to pink blush; style arms white, pink tips


Greywoods Gypsy Plumes Greywoods Vanity Fair    
Greywoods Gypsy Plumes Sold Out (Wilkinson 03) 6F. 34" White with deep red violet center and lines; style arms plum red violet
Greywoods Vanity Fair $12.00 (Wilkinson 07) 6F. Near white with purple veins and styles


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