New Hybrid for the Iris World


 Pseudata typical plant habit

3-4 ft in damp garden soil,

5 ft tall in wet soil!

Pseudatas: I. pseudacorus crossed with Japanese Iris (I. ensata) Great advances have recently been made in hybridizing Iris pseudacorus with Japanese iris in the pursuit of getting yellow pigment into a Japanese iris form. Yellow has been achieved and some fantastic Eye Shadow signal patterns emerged. These new pseudata iris are hardy to Zone 4 (maybe 3), vigorous growers, especially when grown in or near water (growing up to 5 tall) and adapt to garden conditions (growing up to 3 tall). They have 3-4 branches and 10-16 buds, clumps remain in bloom about 3 weeks once established. These new iris are sterile hybrids and will not spread into waterways.

Alabama Blue Fin Byakuya No Kumi Caught My Eye Get The Net Its A Bigun
Alabama Blue Fin Sold Out (Jill Copeland 17) 3F. 38" M Cream with a navy blue halo
Byakuya No Kumi $12.00 (Shimizu 10) 3F. 37" EM. Cream, dark purple halo ("Land of the Midnight Sun")
Caught My Eye $20.00 (Jill Copeland 2020) 36" White falls peppered with violet streaking out from the blue-violet halo (eye shadow). Cream styles and short white standards
Get The Net $12.00 (Jill Copeland 2019) Bright yellow with a full brown eyelash signal
Its A Bigun $12.00 (Jill Copeland 2019) Bright yellow with red veins and edge of signal


Kinshikou Lawton Ridge Lemony Snicket Okagami Peach Melba Burst
Kinshikou Sold Out (Shimizu 04) 3F. 37" E. Very striking yellow with a rose overlay; deep maroon halo and veins ("Golden Monkey")
Lawton Ridge Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 13) 40" M Light violet with darker edge and dark purple eye
Lemony Snicket Sold Out (Copeland, Jill 16) Tall (44") and very vigorous bright lemon yellow
Okagami $6.00 (Shimizu 08) 3F. 35" M. White, bright wine halo ("Big Mirror")
Peach Melba Burst Sold Out (Jill Copeland 18) 3F. 40" M-L Yellow, styles have darker midrib tipped pale violet, raspberry red halo


Phantom Island Pixie Won Roryu Ryugan Shirabyoshi
Phantom Island Sold Out (Bauer/Coble 13) 36" M Ivory white with thin red edge around signal
Pixie Won Sold Out (Copeland 97) 3F. 18" S. violet w/ white midrib; styles white; F. violet with purple halo; yellow signal w/ purple veins; yellow foliage
Roryu $10.00 (Shimizu 11) 3F. 42" VE. Lemon with red signal and veins ("An Old Dragon")
Ryugan $12.00 (Shimizu 08) 3F. 33" VE. Light yellow, dark wine halo ("Dragon's Eye")
Shirabyoshi Sold Out (Shimizu 08) 3F. 33" E. White, bright red purple halo ("White Dancing Girl")


Shirogai Shiryukyo Spicy Mustard Takamagahara Take No Sato
Shirogai Sold Out (NR) 32" M light yellow to white falls with a deep purple halo
Shiryukyo Sold Out (Shimizu 08) 3F. 45" ML. Violet, dark red violet halo ("Valley of the Purple Dragon")
Spicy Mustard $35.00 (Copeland 21) 3F 40" M. Mustard yellow with a dark saffron halo and paprika veins
Takamagahara Sold Out (Shimizu 10) 3F. 45" M. Light violet, purple halo ("Legendary Heaven")
Take No Sato Sold Out (Shimizu) 3F. 45" M. Violet, dark red violet veins and halo ("Bamboo Village")


Tsukiyono Violet Swallows Yukiyanagi  
Tsukiyono Sold Out (Shimizu) 3F. 45" M. Violet, purple halo and edge ("Moonlit Field")
Violet Swallows $20.00 (Harris 16) 3 F 40" M Cream, fallls have light violet wedges, signal area is dark red violet
Yukiyanagi $10.00 (Shimizu 10) 3F. 48" E-L White, purple halo, long blooming ("Willow in the Snow")


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