What's On Second

(Bob Hollingworth 2017)  Spec-X. Very early, 34"

Simple flaring rounded open form. 1-2 br. 3 buds in terminal, 4-6 buds total. 34”.

Opens mid-yellow but soon changes to a white background with strong yellow signal on falls. Strong growth, masses of flowers, long bloom time, upright narrow spear foliage. What’s On Second does open 2-3 days after Who’s on First. 

So, if Who’s On First is the first to bloom, what’s on second?

What’s On Second.

Yes that’s what I’m asking  …... (Follow the Abbott & Costello script from here).  


Sdlg 11L7B12. Spec-X. 07W2A15 (Complex background based on I. typhifolia) x 00P11B16 (Smiley Face x Waimate Sunshine sib).