Simply Brilliant

(Bob Hollingworth 2017)  Siberian.Diploid, Early to Midseason, 31"

Falls yellow under mid-lavender giving a bright mid-pink-lavender color with orange shades, particularly around the large well-defined gold blaze. Standards and falls are light lavender with light blue midribs on the style arms. Colors are unusually fade resistant for a yellow/lavender underlay but do lighten eventually. Form is relatively simple, open, flaring with little ruffling.  31  1 branch, typically 3 buds,  but a longish bloom season due to the slow sequence of opening of buds. Neat, tidy plan habit with upright foliage.


Sdlg 08B1B9.  Lemon Blush X 06T16A13 (Lemon Veil x 03E2A15 (Smiley Face X See Ya Later)