Deep In My Heart

(Bob Hollingworth 2017)

Diploid. Late, 24"

Large, flat, overlapping round falls, mid-violet veined deeper with lighter, broad, rounded stds held flat, and broad, much darker stylearms with red edges and blue midribs. Large diffuse white signal, dotted violet with a narrow yellow center flash that extends out onto the falls. All parts with strong ruffling. 1-2 branches, 4-5 buds. Decent vigor. Upright broad short foliage.

In the heart of this iris are a trio of unusually deep, richly colored style arms that make a strong contrast against the large white signal area of the falls and give these large, heavily ruffled flowers much of their personality.

Sdlg. 07W4A2. Sib (diploid).  02A10B13 (Sib to Doreen Cambray) X 04L5B28 (Lemon Veil x See Ya Later)