All collection plants are named varieties and labeled

Collections of 10 Siberians   $39.00

We can supply up to 20 different Siberians in collections.  You may order as many collections as you like;  such as three collections all the same (i.e. 10x3@). All the plants will be named and labeled; although the choice of varieties is ours, we like to have your suggestion for colors etc.  Sorry, we can't supply Japanese in collections this year


Special Book Offer - (domestic orders only)


Edited by Currier McEwen for the Society of Japanese Irises. A Brandeis University book. 224 pages. 32 color photos. 7" x 10". Published 1990 at $29.95.

The first definitive book in English on history and cultivation, The Japanese Iris incorporates the 300 year history of breeding in Japan and the experience of US hybridizers from East to West coasts. Contents include history, current hybridizing, color photos, and drawings of flower parts in detail; also soil preparation, watering, mulching, and pest control; display gardens, nurseries, and hybridizers.


Note!: We have purchased the remaining copies from the publisher. It is now out of print.
Retail price $29.95 Our price $19.95

$14.95 with order of $75
$9.95 with order of $100
$5.95 with order of $125
FREE! with order of $150, but you need to ask for it in your order.

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