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Minimum order is $20 plus shipping. Orders will be acknowledged with your shipping date. Foreign orders must include any required import permits- our export inspection fee is $40- shipping will be billed at cost for Express Mail or Priority Mail.

We ship from mid April to early June, then again from early August through mid October (depending on weather). All our plants are double divisions freshly dug from our fields.

Guaranteed:  If you are not happy with the plants you receive, send them back for a full refund, no questions asked. After a couple months of hot dry weather, we may ask questions!

Order Blank: Use Email, any sheet of paper, or print out the ORDER FORM supplied.

Please include:

Your NAME and shipping ADDRESS (add your catalog mailing address, if different). We ship by Priority Mail (very fast) or add any special shipping instructions

Email ADDRESS: We acknowledge orders by email

A TELEPHONE number is helpful if we encounter problems

The DATE you want the shipment

List ALTERNATES for sold out varieties, REFUND, or let us SUBSTITUTE for equal or greater value at the same price

SALES TAX should be added by Michigan (MI) residents (6%)

SHIPPING: Add amount from map below. We will ship Priority Mail (1-3 days). Minimum UPS service is $24 (ground) and $36 (air). Generally your package will arrive toward the end of the week because we avoid transit over weekends and holidays.


   PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check or Money Order

PAYMENT: Payment in $US

    Check or Money Order (US only)

    Credit Card (include card number exp. date, signature, CVV CODE (the last 3 or 4 digits on the back where you sign the card).

        (to e-mail credit card numbers, put half the numbers in 2 different emails for security. We are secure but the internet is not!)

    PayPal: our account is ensata@aol.com

    Bank Transfer (email, write or call for instructions)


e-mail is easiest: ensata@aol.com

TELEPHONE:  269 665-7500  Order by phone  (after dark during the gardening season!)

FAX:  269 665-7500 e-mail:   ensata@aol.com
MAIL:  Ensata Gardens
    9823 E Michigan Ave
    Galesburg MI 49053 USA


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